Yellow_Dart's Canditions

2 out of 5
Date of Trip: August 25, 2018

Englestead has always gotten a 5 from me.

But instead of its usual sandy, rocky, warmish, straightfordness... it is currently soaking wet everywhere, multiple swims, cold, a couple log soups, and silty-slippy-sticky mud /everywhere/.

Nothing went wrong on the descent; it was just not classic Englestead.

4 out of 5
Date of Trip: April 4, 2018

-All anchors fine.

-Lake is knee-deep if staying close to LDC wall.

-No wetsuits, only neos; was a bit chilly, but this Viking runs hot, so you'd probably freeze... bring your rubber.

-6 people, 5 hours car to car

-The least attractive run through Mystery to date.

-10% of vegetation is starting to bud... give it another 3-4 weeks.

5 out of 5
Date of Trip: March 31, 2018

Posting for a friend:

"Pretty wet and very cold, but no snow anywhere.

I kept my feet dry until the hallway section.

There's a little snow-melt-flow in the starting section, so you get rained on during the second rappel."

*Note: This guy lives in Zion and has done Behunin many times; so as far as staying dry goes, your mileage may vary.

5 out of 5
Date of Trip: March 30, 2018

All sand has been washed away.

Everything that can be a swim is a swim.

Water read between 34 and 36 degrees until Keyhole Falls where it raised to 45.

Was fine in a 2.5, but this Viking runs a bit hotter than most.

Neoprene strongly advised.

5 out of 5
Date of Trip: March 29, 2018

Everything that can be a swim is a swim.

Water is 33 degrees.

Moved pre-Cathedral rap down to lodged logs for cleaner LOS pull.

5 out of 5
Date of Trip: March 27, 2018

Posting for a friend:

"The normal anchors were fine.

The upper canyon was flowing (barely) with a slight "waterfall" at the short rap with the exposed anchor station.

The deepest mandatory water was about waist deep, even in the two-stage drop off the large block, and in the final slot.

The water was very chilly and there was ice all the way down R1, and in a few places below.

I used a large stick to break up ice and clear a less-slippery path to the R1 anchor station."

4 out of 5
Date of Trip: February 15, 2018

Even after the rains of this week, all water avoidable.

4 out of 5
Date of Trip: February 15, 2018

8 swims to pit deep on a 6' guy. First two stemmable, but why bother.

90 minutes car to car.

5 out of 5
Date of Trip: February 1, 2018

Anchors and webbing fine.

Posting this after we finally got rain a couple weeks ago.

3rd to last rap is knee deep if you hug the wall RDC.

2nd to last rap is just shy of balls deep on a 6' lad.

2.25 hrs car to car with 2 people.

5 out of 5
Date of Trip: August 19, 2017

What 'eleven' said, except enough water has seeped out that there were 2 keepers requiring hooks, and one requiring a potshot.

My group hashed out the technical in 4 hours. They wore between 4/3 and 7mm suits; myself in a 2.5mm, but then again, I've a savage Viking. Should plan on 4/3 or thicker.

5 out of 5
Date of Trip: August 12, 2017

What they said.

Except the narrow swimmer section is treacherously slick when wet - would not recommend the stemming.

Tree anchor above the big slide has an obstacle in the way - one that would be foolish to try and hop over on that sloped, sandy ledge. Made an anchor at the pinch of the two boulders; much safer.

5 out of 5
Date of Trip: August 11, 2017

All required raps have good webbing, and all pots are 2-4' shy of full, but no awkward escapes. Good, easy day through.

That said, homeboy here changed hats at the third rap - then did the third rap, did the rap, pulled the rope, and while stuffing bags realized he left his orange HalfDome (tons of stickers) and white Salomon running hat at the above anchor.

Sooo if anyone seeing this could reach out to me, there'll be a $100 reward for both (helmet has sentimental value), plus shipping.

Be cool! Thanks. ^_^

4 out of 5
Date of Trip: July 14, 2017

Despite recent rains of the false-start of monsoon, bone dry; absolutely no water until the springs.

First four raps entirely avoidable.

4 through, one with a jankle and another a noob, 5 hours car to car.

Also, a snake guards the raspberries; beware.

4 out of 5
Date of Trip: May 30, 2017

Trickle flow from Upper Left.

Coldest swim was 42 degrees.

All webbing is new enough.

As always don't jump.

5 out of 5
Date of Trip: May 30, 2017

Subway in pretty standard condition. Last of the Sandway washed out over winter. Hasn't flashed in a while so a lot of greenage sticking to the clay waterways.

Log jams in Keyhole Falls make the rap unnecessary.