Agua Caliente Canyon

Last Candition: September 18, 2016


3 out of 5
Date of Trip: September 18, 2016

As Tucson locals, we do this canyon every now and then. It's great during the monsoon season (not, of course, during a monsoon storm), when it's full of water. Todd Martin describes the ability to bypass the first rappel by climbing around on canyon left, I believe. However, doing the first rappel allows a nice descent into a deep pool of water and a short swim, which is nice during hot weather. However, be careful when rigging this rappel. There appears to be a large, immovable tree trunk braced against the "house sized rock" where the rappel begins. The tree trunk, however, is definitely movable, and if you grab onto it, it's likely to come down onto you. The entire rappel can be easily completed without applying any pressure to the tree trunk, so there should be no problems.