Bonita Canyon

Last Candition: July 23, 2017


4 out of 5
Date of Trip: July 23, 2017

The approach is a PITA and easily the most difficult part of the canyon. Everything you touch moves and if you fell in the wrong spot, you wouldn't stop for a long time.

Transition between Raps 1 and 2 was not hard. Plenty of space for 2 people. We set the anchor for Rap 1 higher on the tree to make the rope pull easy.

Rap 2 is gorgeous down a waterfall with lots of green moss and some hanging vegetation. You are right in the watercourse. I had on a rain jacket which was not needed on this 90° day in July, but made it fun playing in the water on the way down.

Rap 3 was missing an anchor and I didn't have my retrievable, so we made a new one on the tree LDC.

Rap 4 is the falls. Mostly vertical and just to the side of the watercourse in low water conditions. Remember not to throw your rope. Lots of hikers at the bottom - my partner got applause and cheers (and what may have been a proposition ;-)) just like the last rap in Mystery!

All anchors in good condition.