Buckskin Gulch

Last Candition: March 27, 2014


5 out of 5
Date of Trip: June 21, 2019

Pools are full of fresh-ish water. Deepest is mid-chest, most at knee. Great bighorn sheep corpse at the beginning! Enjoy!!

5 out of 5
Date of Trip: November 4, 2017

We backpacked this in two days from Wire Pass to White House with two people and a pup. 8 mandatory pools to wade through between when the canyon narrows and before Middle Exit, with the deepest being crotch deep. Everything else on the 1st day was avoidable or less than ankle height.

There's new webbing to assist in the downclimb through the rockfall or you can use the moki steps LDC. We lowered the pup on a short rope and it was easy.

Plenty of water in the seeps before the confluence with Paria if you want to filter water (but there's a lot of horse dung after the rockfall so you definitely want to filter it).

We camped at the LDC site before the confluence with the Paria. It absolutely took our breath away. Gorgeous canyon!

Took us 7.5 hours from Wire Pass Trailhead to the campsite, including breaks. From the campsite to White Horse Trailhead took 5 hours, including about a ~1 hour detour down Paria.

Road is in good condition and fine in a passenger 2WD.

5 out of 5
Date of Trip: March 27, 2014

DRY. DRY. DRY. Only 1-2 mandatory wades (no more than ankle deep). The infamous cesspool didnt exist. There is a VERY beat up handline hanging at the rockfall. Rope core strands are visible and showing wear. I suggest the next group through replace it for everyone's safety.

Very little mud. LOTS of dry sand which makes hiking slow.

8hrs, wire pass to Paria Confluence with full packs, party of five, and lots of stops for photos. Total trip: 3 days Wire Pass to Lee's Ferry.

House Rock Valley Rd. is Rough but is 2WD compatible (assuming you dont like your car)