Egypt 1.5 aka Bobo

Last Candition: April 27, 2012


4 out of 5
Date of Trip: May 27, 2017

Two people took 2:20 RT. Both of the two drops were anchored. The early 30 foot drop makes a nice elevator. Rap 2 can be handlined. The potholes were dry. Built an anchor in the first to get the first person down into the 2nd, but then took the anchor apart because could partner assist the 2nd person down without. Then built another anchor for the 2nd drop & we both rapped off that. Could partner assist that one as well but it's at least 6 feet vertical and would prefer to have 2 persons to help on the assist & we were too short to try the lean out approach. Sandtrap would have been usable. We had no problem staying down at the last tight section.

5 out of 5
Date of Trip: April 27, 2012

This canyon is in prime shape and was plenty of fun. Short and sweet. This canyon is surprisingly intense and not necessarily an easy walk thru. Partner assists (three + people) and or retrievable anchors are definitely helpful. Some areas had thigh deep water. We stemmed over most of these. Muddy shoes make it more difficult. We rebuilt the anchor at the second rappel extending the webbing down the ledge for better rope pull. There are already unnecessary rope grooves at this point. The last tight section still requires bigger canyoneers to stem high to get thru.