Flintstone Canyon

Last Candition: July 1, 2017


3 out of 5
Date of Trip: July 1, 2017

LONG. The beta said people don't do it often because of the length, but geez. We weren't slow and it took us 15.5 hours.

2 pm start. The approach was sweaty, dirty, scratchy, and stabby. The canyon itself was pleasant and picturesque. We stuck the rope for a while on a chockstone in the long chute rappel above the pool. Thick mosquitoes. Beta didn't mention two pools near the end were potential keeper potholes. You had to swing around the wall with difficulty while on rappel to avoid the one, or the walls were too high and smooth to escape easily.

The exit could have been a glorious day of playtime in a beautiful place like a cross between the Zion Narrows and Subway, but it was SO LONG. Instead, we slogged down a river for four hours in darkness praying that it would end.

I would start this at 4 AM. I would also have another group set up camp on the shore of the Narrows so we could relax and play without trying to make it back to the car before dark.