Great West Canyon

Last Candition: May 19, 2012


4 out of 5
Date of Trip: September 19, 2013

Right Fork over two days from Wildcat trail/canyon. Camped just before the RF makes a hard right turn and ducks under the large boulder. Water present at many places in all drainages. Brush a little thick to start when leaving Wildcat Canyon trail and starting down Wildcat Canyon. Great wilderness experience as we saw no evidence of foot traffic until the Hammerhead dropped in. No wet suits, and Black Pool was a chilly 100 yds. Tom's beta is just about right for giving enough info to guide you in the general direction, yet leaving you with plenty of unknowns and navigational challenge to keep one's attention! We slow pokes did it in two 10 hour days.

4 out of 5
Date of Trip: June 1, 2013

Descended Hammerhead to the Right Fork Direct. Water levels were medium, and the potential keeper pothole in the middle of the Direct was in keeper mode.

It was possible, though with much difficulty, to toss some light weight potshots into a good drop-off on the far end of the pothole. Everyone in the group got chilled due to the delay in getting past this pothole. Before encountering this problem and being delayed by it everyone in the group was warm enough with 4/3 mm wetsuits.

The black pool was a swim for the first half, then a wade for the second. Other than the black pool there was not a substantial amount of water between our camp and the Grand Alcove.

There is no longer a landslide lake near the end of the exit hike.

Anchors were mostly in good condition. Replaced a few, but some others will probably need to be replaced throughout the summer.

5 out of 5
Date of Trip: May 19, 2012

Descended Little Blue Creek Canyon to Wildcat, took Giant Staircase bypass to the Right Fork, spending a single night at the Grand Alcove before hiking out the next day. Rerigged several anchors, several of the bolt anchors are a mix of good and iffy bolts. Black Pool was a long cold swim, had wetsuits and were happy to have them. Someone left a cut rope dangling from the traverse above the pool. Several more deep wades/swims before Grand Alcove. Alcove was full of noisy frogs but still fantastic. The landslide lake after Trail Canyon on the exit hike is still a long swim .