Horse Play Canyon, North Wash

Last Candition: May 25, 2013


5 out of 5
Date of Trip: May 8, 2018

No rope! Fun, some surprising challenges. Not good for kids. Has a committing far jump with rock landing near beginning. Tight, long squeezes. Longish section of high stemming (but you might be able to just walk above. Didn't explore that). I got spooked while stemming, thinking it opened up below--it doesn't.

5 out of 5
Date of Trip: May 19, 2016

Canyon is mostly dry, all water is avoidable. It was a very entertaining canyon.

The road has one obvious damaged spot that can be bypassed by driving on the slickrock on the north side of the road. HC 4x4 recommended.

5 out of 5
Date of Trip: April 2, 2016

Mostly dry with a little water that accumulated from Thursday night rains. A few wet & muddy spots we were able to stem over. Should dry in just a few days. Very entertaining canyon that you don't need to carry a lot of gear for. Does require some good descending & stemming skills. Found ourselves about 20 feet off the deck a couple times avoiding skinny sections and one crawl section. Took us 2 hours in the canyon. About half hour hike in and one hour hike out. 20 - 25 minute drive in. Roundtrip from Sandthrax about 4.5 hours. An excellent half day canyon.

5 out of 5
Date of Trip: March 20, 2015

One very easy to avoid pool. A very fun canyon, but beginners probably won't like this because of the technicality of the downclimbs. Super fun sections mixed with technical sections that will wear some people out. I really liked this canyon a lot.

5 out of 5
Date of Trip: April 19, 2014

Super fun and dry! We didn't need ropes or harnesses.

3 out of 5
Date of Trip: May 25, 2013

Pretty dry. Any wet spots were avoidable. Good practice spot for downclimbing and stemming.