Ice Cube Canyon (aka "The Maze")

Last Candition: May 6, 2017


5 out of 5
Date of Trip: July 21, 2018

The Maze is in awesome condition after the recent rains. Full with water trickling at some of the raps and lots of swims. Wetsuits were not needed on this day (105° in Las Vegas with 116° heat index). I wore a 3mm (I run cold but I got hot at times in it), 1 wore a shorty, 2 went without wetsuits and all were comfortable.

Approach route is well cairned and there's a use trail that's fairly easy to follow. Sneak route entrance has a big cairn to make it easy for those who want to exit after the first half of the canyon. All anchors are in good condition. We reset a couple to optimize rope pull.

Group of 4 took 12 hours 45 minutes from the turnoff to the trail off Rocky Gap Road to the Icebox Canyon parking lot that broke down as follows:

• Approach - 3.5 hours

• 1st Technical Section - 2 hours

• Lunch Break - 45 mins

• Boulder Garden - 1.5 hours

• 2nd Technical Section - 3 hours

• Break - 30 mins

• Exit to Parking Lot - 1.5 hours

5 out of 5
Date of Trip: September 16, 2017

Perfect weather and a great time in The Maze! As has been reported, all bolts have been removed from the canyon including on the final rappel. The current natural anchors are in good shape, but it is a good idea to be prepared to replace/redirect if needed. A few swimmers and a 4/3 wet suit was fine - if not a bit warm. Be careful on the final rappel pull. Our pull was successful, but unfortunately the falling rope piled into a crack on a ledge and became hopelessly stuck. We had to leave it behind. It won't be hard for another party to dislodge, I'm sure. Two people 11 hours leaving from and returning to Ice Box Cyn parking (no shuttle) - this includes about an hour trying to retrieve the rope.

5 out of 5
Date of Trip: May 6, 2017

A not-too technically difficult canyon but physically demanding and a long day with up to 23 raps. Arduous hike in. Plenty of water at this time & some short to moderate swims. Used 3/2 Farmer Johns with jackets which proved adequate. Much of the upper half of the canyon now bolted. Leap-frog your group to keep things moving, otherwise you'll finish in the dark. We used a 2-vehicle set up, but 4WD with good clearance required to get up the Rocky Gap Road. Overall, an impressive canyon.