Last Candition: July 1, 2011


5 out of 5
Date of Trip: October 26, 2019

Sneak route with group of 4 adults. Very dry until the last section of before the narrows. All had 4/3 wetsuits and were ok. I got a little chilly waiting to rap into the narrows (I went last). There was one swim and a couple of wades. Lots of keeper potholes, which slowed us down quite a bit. You definitely need escape tools. Bertha was completely dry, as was trash compactor. Started around 7am and finished around 830pm. Awesome canyon and great fun in its current condition.

5 out of 5
Date of Trip: August 16, 2019

Full 1day trip. 5 man. Drop in 0700,crossroads @ 12:45pm, first man bottom Narrows @ 8:45pm. Hooked out of 4 potholes. This was the driest I’ve seen Imlay of my 5 trips. No drilling required. Used happy Hooker 2x. None of our party suited up at crossroads -1st set of Narrows itself as it was dry . The log jam that used to be HUGE in past years w severe log soup trash compactor was quite mild this trip. A non issue. 3 of 5 of party donned wetsuits at start of 2cd Narrows. 1 wetsuit’d @ middle of 2cd Narrows. wetsuits were 3/2 full & 1 w a 5mm full. I never used my 5mm shorty but I don’t get cold easily. In years past w higher water I usually got chilled near end of 2cd Narrows set/keepers while wearing a full 3mm. Only got mildly chilled twds the end w/o a wetsuit this time - generally from waiting to allow the noobs their first keeper attempts. My chest was rarely in the water - maybe for 4 brief swimmers. Overall this was the driest and easiest trip I’ve ever had thru Imlay.

5 out of 5
Date of Trip: August 11, 2019

5 man group of Imlay virgins, left sneak, car to car in 11 hours. water seemed mostly full, 3-4 foot lips usually yielded to partner assist. hooked one time. totally fun. wore 3-6 mm of wetsuits and were all happy.

5 out of 5
Date of Trip: July 19, 2019

We did full imlay in 11hrs 15 minutes with a group of six, starting at lava point. We were able to jump or downclimb about half of the rappels, and only had to hook out of one pothole.

5 out of 5
Date of Trip: July 3, 2019

Group of 4 took 5 hours to reach crossroads via right sneak (none of us had done it before, so it required some route finding, and we did the approach in the evening so we were hiking up in 95 degree weather). Required some creative escapes but water was high and we didn't need any hooks or tosses. Thinnest wetsuit in our group was 4/3mm and he was chilly in the morning but the second half was in the sun and we were all very comfortable after lunch.

5 out of 5
Date of Trip: June 29, 2019

We did the right sneak. A strong, motivated group of 5 took 3'15" to get to Crossroads. We wore 3 to 5 mm wetsuits on a rather cloudy maybe 85-degree day and were generally fine. A splash jacket helped the woman who runs coldest. Potholes full so no hooking, etc. needed. Still, some areas early in canyon difficult to exit due to unstable log jams. In fact, one sketchy early log jam collapsed about 5 feet to a much more stable and accessible (no up-stemming required) position as I stood delicately on it. You later groups are welcome. Strongest members finished Grotto to Temple in 10 hours. Old people (53) worn out by the long day (me), needed 11 due to moving VERY slowly in Narrows at the end.

5 out of 5
Date of Trip: November 24, 2018

The water was down in the pot holes, no ice for most of the potholes. The holes to use hooks on were in good shape

5 out of 5
Date of Trip: October 25, 2018

Sneak route- tippy top full, terminal narrows still had a slight flow to it after the storm on Monday. Trash compactor is definitely sucky. First rap after the right sneak comes in has some very unstable logs to climb down- careful. Water was definitely chilly in a 6/3 wetsuit. All webbing looked serviceable but much of it will need replacing in the Spring.

5 out of 5
Date of Trip: October 13, 2018

Group of four, first time doing Imlay for all of us. 5 hour approach up the left sneak route. Fun 6 hour romp down to the narrows. Pools were all full to the brim due to recent rains, no hookouts, swam out of every pothole. Comfortable in 7 mm wetsuits. The trash compactor was particularly difficult. Some anchors in need of replacing.

5 out of 5
Date of Trip: September 30, 2018

Great time, water levels are half I would guess. Had 5 - 6 keeper potholes to navigate. Hooked out of two, some pack tosses and other techniques. Took 4 four us from 5:30am till 4:00 pm. Some anchors could really stand to be replaced. Bring extra webbing.

One log jam section was particularly hard. Should have steamed over it.

5 out of 5
Date of Trip: July 4, 2018

Note: Violent monsoons 2nd week of July '18. Virgin River swelled over 10000% normal flow! These canyons are going to be in different conditions than what this reflects. Please go prepared expecting full/cold water ready for the unknown!

Trip review for reference: 2 trolls, thru Trolls Treat. Leisurely 18hrs up Right Sneak. Midnight bivy after bushwhacking from entering Right drainage too soon, lazy 1hr+ lunch at Crossroads next day, and excessive photo ops dropping in Narrows. Like 'Jeremy' said but with even loooooowwer water levels. Hooked out of 5-6 potholes with highest lip at least 4' overhead. The low water DID allow us to stand near the edge of some of the pools. Warm in 4/3 w/3mm wetsocks moving along. The 99 degree air & sunlit sandy slogs open sections of canyon quickly turned any wet coldness into heatstroke. My partner who had a small drsyuit leak was fine. Exponentially harder passage down post-Crossroads than our Full-Potato-tip-top-water-romp of Fall 2011. Cheers

5 out of 5
Date of Trip: May 5, 2018

Trash compactor was tightly packed ending with a narrow upward squeeze out. Most potholes were escapable via an agitated flopping walrus technique. 2 required hooking with Bertha taking a pair of hooks. We layered to ~7mm with one of us in a dry suit. Rain was 3 days prior to our descent and the narrows were a slog at 53cfs

5 out of 5
Date of Trip: October 21, 2017

6 of us did the right sneak route. 13 hrs from Grotto to Sinewava. The log jam is still super sketchy, going under. Water levels low/very low. Hooked out of 5 or 6 pots. All but one of us wore dry suits and were sort of comfortable in the 40-50 degree temps. A much harder day than my previous trips through Imlay. Still super fun and the fall colors are stunning.

5 out of 5
Date of Trip: October 10, 2017

Water levels were about three feet below most lips. We hooked out of one pothole and were able to climb out of the others with a bit of doing. Two or three webbing anchors should be replaced very soon. We would have, but were in a hurry to make sure we made it out on time. The five of us ranged from 4mm (with a 3mm vest) to 7mm and everyone got cold and wished we had on more. It was the first time the guy with the 7mm had ever been cold in that wetsuit.

5 out of 5
Date of Trip: October 7, 2017

Two potholes to hook out of, a few partner assists, and we used a potshot on the log keeper in the first narrows. Second narrows keeper had a log that was easily climbed. One person in a 4/3 wetsuit was a bit chilled (and he tends to run very warm), drysuits for the rest of us were great.

5 out of 5
Date of Trip: September 19, 2017

Full and fast Imlay. Was comfortable in my 2/3 full wetsuit.

5 out of 5
Date of Trip: September 16, 2017

Full Imlay. Canyon was full of water. Major potholes were a swim out. No hooking required. Trash Compactor was a little work but not bad. Some members of the group were cold in 4/3 wetsuits with vests.

5 out of 5
Date of Trip: September 4, 2017

Almost exactly like Yellow Dart said below, except a couple more keepers required hooks. We wore 4/3 neoprene and we were fine. Car to car in 10 hrs via left sneak.

5 out of 5
Date of Trip: August 19, 2017

What 'eleven' said, except enough water has seeped out that there were 2 keepers requiring hooks, and one requiring a potshot.

My group hashed out the technical in 4 hours. They wore between 4/3 and 7mm suits; myself in a 2.5mm, but then again, I've a savage Viking. Should plan on 4/3 or thicker.

5 out of 5
Date of Trip: August 14, 2017

Full Imlay from Lava Point to the Grotto about 14 hrs. 4 people, 2 prior Imlay, 1 strong climber first-time canyoneer.

Water was low enough that some of the swims weren't swims, but high enough in potholes that a finger hooked in a hole or wriggling was enough to escape without help. Very hot. We all ran out of water (I shared 1.5 gallons with a friend--not enough). Taking photos (we did the canyon in formalwear), tough Trash Compactor, and darkness as we finished the last potholes and pools made us slower. Slipping on rocks down the Narrows was annoying and time-consuming in the dark.

My 6.5mm farmer john 3mm jacket was too hot for much of it (low cold tolerance). Those in thinner wetsuits were cold near the end but okay overall.

I prefer Full Imlay to Sneak because of the easy approach (vs Sneak's steep hours of bushes) and much higher canyon-to-approach ratio. However, it is a little longer. It would be a *lot* longer if the group is big or slow at rappels.