Lower Water Holes Canyon

Last Candition: March 29, 2014


5 out of 5
Date of Trip: May 2, 2015

The next crew MUST replace the webbing at the edge of the world. I was LOMAR and noticed the webbing edge had frayed maybe an 1/8 inch into the webbing as I clipped in. The fray is where the webbing ran directly through the right hanger. The webbing going through the left hanger looked like it was about to start fraying. It would save time to prepare your anchor in advance before dropping into the crack above the edge of the world. Also, please consider running the webbing through quicklinks and connect those to each hanger. You can prepare your anchor tying it so that all you have to do on the edge of the world is screw in the quicklinks to the hangers and your set. Running the webbing directly through the hangers on a rap this big and so loaded is a bad idea.

No Wet suits needed. Zip line pool is a swimmer. Stay far Canyon Left when traversing that pool to stay as high as possible.

4 out of 5
Date of Trip: September 13, 2014

Great canyon. We brought a bolt kit per previous groups suggestions. We did not have time to replace bolts. There are a number of aging bolts in the canyon, some of which maybe shouldn't be trusted. We cut/replaced a bit of webbing. Big rap went swimmingly.

Wetsuits not needed though there was more than 1 swim and lots of wading. A little chilly at the big rap.

Mud. Mud. Mud. Slowed us . 10hrs trailhead to lees ferry. River was calm and moving steadily.

Note: short shuttle road sttttttill isn't fixed. The car spot is a bear.

Feel free to contact: Ebernhoft @ hotmail.com

5 out of 5
Date of Trip: March 29, 2014

Rock slide and a flash flood changed the canyon. The bolt for the first rappel has been bent down. The Squeeze isn't as long or deep. There are 3 new rappels - under 50 ft. and if you go in after this post bring a bolt kit. The 2 bolts/anchors just before the zipline area need to be rebolted. The flash flood has exposed both bolts about 3/4 to an inch. There is no rocks, flakes or logs to create natural anchors and it would be a difficult descent for last man at risk - about a 15 foot rappel.