No Mans Canyon

Last Candition: May 6, 2011


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4 out of 5
Date of Trip: October 9, 2019

Did the North Fork in about 5 hours car to car with 2 people. Totally dry. The last rappel is broken into two stages. The first stage has a bolt and hanger. The hanger moves, but the bolt is solid. The second stage has a bolt and hanger, backed up with a chockstone. The hanger moves, but the bolt is solid. There is poison ivy at the bottom of the last rappel. We rappelled with the rope in a rope bag to avoid tossing the rope into the poison ivy. Second person rappelled with the pull cord on their harness. The rope pull can be tricky - we walked high left (LDC) to get a good angle for the pull and had no problem. Long hike out.

5 out of 5
Date of Trip: October 16, 2015

A very enjoyable canyon with some pretty spots. Encountered four or five pools with waist deep wading, and one that was chest deep. Use caution on the final rappel because it's easy to get your rope stuck. Using two 100ft ropes would almost guarantee getting the knot stuck, and even using a 200ft rope, you need to place it carefully. The Exit hike is quite intricate and very tricky route finding, but this also makes it interesting. An experienced party on the previous day got their rope stuck on the final rappel and ended up doing the exit in the dark. I have no idea how they found their way around the exit ledges with no light and no moon, but they made it back around midnight. Although this is not a long or difficult canyon, allow plenty of time for the exit - I certainly wouldn't want to try it in the dark.

4 out of 5
Date of Trip: March 28, 2015

Did the North Fork, and the South Branch of the North Fork on the way out. No water in this canyon.

5 out of 5
Date of Trip: April 20, 2013

Water in a number of spots, but never deep. Will probably drain out in another week or so. Final big rappel is bolted in two places, so the rap can be done in two sections. We re-rigged the first, extending the webbing so that on the pull, the rope would not be pulling around the rock corner. One piece of webbing there was fraying some. Second bolt has at least 15 - 20 feet of webbing dropping you well down the narrow crack before you drop into the rappel. Pull from the bottom went cleanly. Overall, an excellent little canyon.

4 out of 5
Date of Trip: April 19, 2013

My brother and I enjoyed all but the return hike in the dark. Water was up to the knees. Anchors were fine. Interesting rig for the final rap but it worked and I couldn't see a better way without drilling new bolts. We started at 4:30, finished in 5 hours.

5 out of 5
Date of Trip: April 2, 2013

Despite snow and rain north of I-70 the roost was dry. No water in the canyon. A few muddy spots but they were mostly avoidable. All anchors were present and solid. We entered the canyon walking down a sandhill approx 1/4 mile down canyon on the left LDC side. There is a deadman anchor set up at the head of the canyon but we didn't use or inspect it. Had a really hard time with the rope pull on the final rappel. There is a deep groove/crack right at the lip that our rope got stuck in. Lots of interesting route finding on the way out. 5 hrs round trip. 5 people 2 experienced, 3 newbies.

4 out of 5
Date of Trip: November 6, 2012

Water up to our knees, no wetsuits and we were never cold. Great canyon, nice features, and some good obstacles. Probably beginner+ to intermediate level canyon.

Use both stages for last rappel. Last rap anchor was horrible (not equalized, and unsafe knots and mess). We got rid of the entire octopus mess. We replaced with an equalized one piece webbing to single, suspect bolt and a good chock stone point. Rap is 100', and we easily did it with a clean pull retrieval with a 200' rope.

We got caught on the cliff exit after dark. Rapid and dramatic topo with lots of hazards, ups and downs, and fake capstone summits. Do not attempt exit in the dark.

4 out of 5
Date of Trip: April 21, 2012

6 hours 40 minutes with party of 4 (2 beginners and 2 advanced).

Slots were completely dry. Avoidable pool at the bottom of the last rappel.

2nd to last rappel (50’) webbing is janky and needs replacing. Consists of 4 pieces tied together, 20-30 feet needed to rerig. Ensure your 60m rope is run at the middle or you won’t reach the bottom. Fun canyon. Last anchor is one bolt, a small chock, and a dead man. Webbing is not equalized, in many separate pieces, and needs rerigging.

The canyon exit was hard to find. Climb-Utah’s GPS coordinates for the exit did not seem correct. The slickrock cliff ridge was hairy with considerable exposure. The route finding was difficult. We almost ran out of daylight.

3 out of 5
Date of Trip: June 21, 2011

A little disappointing, not much for slots and a big, long, hot exit. Last Rappel is pretty cool, a hanger was missing from one of the bolts. Very little water.

4 out of 5
Date of Trip: June 1, 2011

Waist-deep water. No wetsuits required. Used the cattle trail exit. Probably took 45 minutes deciding the best route back to the cars by committee. ;-) The trip took 11 of us about 7.5 hours. Found some quicksand on right LDC at this place:

More photos at:

4 out of 5
Date of Trip: May 28, 2011

Quite a bit of water in the canyon, one chest deep wader, but use underwater ledges for stemming across most of it. Also, the last drop can be done with a 200 ft. rope. It's a long haul out, with some very good route finding skills.

3 out of 5
Date of Trip: May 6, 2011

Wading to nipple deep (depends on the nipples). Anchors okay. Did not wear wetsuits.