Last Candition: March 27, 2014


5 out of 5
Date of Trip: March 27, 2014

Buckskin was dry. Only 1-2 mandatory wades (ankle deep). The infamous cesspool didnt exist. The handline at the rockfall needs replacing. 8hrs, wire pass to Paria Confluence.

Paria is muddy but the hiking is easier than in buckskin. Very little quicksand. Wades were never above the knee.

Camping was abundant. We carried copies of the Kelsey guide and Grand Canyoneering's Paria Chapter.

The springs are abundant, but often VERY small (with the exception of Big Spring which is like a bathtub faucet.) We used a gravity feed Sawyer filter and attempted to allow water to settle overnight in empty water jugs that we brought. We had to filter direct river water twice and it clogged the filter. No snakes. Comfortable temperatures.

Total trip: 3 days Wire Pass to Lee's Ferry.

House Rock Valley Rd. is Rough but is 2WD compatible (assuming you dont like your car)