Rock of Ages

Last Candition: October 22, 2011


5 out of 5
Date of Trip: November 7, 2015

Lots of water. The pool at the bottom of Pool Arch looked like a swimmer. The potholes in the slot section were armpit deep and very cold. Not sure how long it takes to drain out but go prepared. The first rap bolts don't have webbing in place and needs to be rigged. The second rap, which is very sketchy to get on rappel, has bright blue webbing in good shape but is attached directly to hangers and should have quick links added. We would have, but the daylight was running out.

5 out of 5
Date of Trip: January 24, 2015

First pool just past Arch is about waist deep. A little ice floating on top. The narrow section was knee deep for a short section. All the anchors are in good shape with new webbing.

3 out of 5
Date of Trip: May 8, 2014

Unavoidable water below the arch and in the narrows. Water was up to the knees at the deepest. The cedar tree webbing at the arch is too short for a clean pull, we used a fiddlestick. The 2nd and 3rd anchors are lacking webbing, this could use some improvement. 4 ppl with noobs, 4.5 hours.

5 out of 5
Date of Trip: April 9, 2014

Pool at base of Pool Arch rappel was empty, but after the "V" it was knee deep. That rap is awesome! Only ankle deep encountered through the rest of the canyon. No mud either. The second rap (50ft) needs webbing added to the steel rings (bring ~15 feet for this anchor alone). I rebuilt the anchor off the two hangers on the last rap, that's a rush. Two people, 3.5 hours car to car. $2.00/person entrance fee, bring cash.

5 out of 5
Date of Trip: October 4, 2013

Pool at base of Pool Arch rappel was avoidable, but after the "V" it was waist deep for a short distance. Stemmed over a few water obstacles on the slot portion, but one before the log jam and after were unavoidable. They were belly button deep. After first rap a couple of our group sunk calf deep in mud the others went up around on the shelf. Last rap was fun, but didn't know the hangers were out over the drop until we'd built a redundant anchor using a wedged rock and the solo hanger on the flat rock.

4 out of 5
Date of Trip: April 13, 2013

Not quite dry, but nothing over waist deep, and most of that was avoidable if you tried. Seems like the trail is more established on the approach. Webbing at the arch was solid, second rap had rings and third had just hangers.

5 out of 5
Date of Trip: April 1, 2013

Almost completely dry. All water was avoidable and the weather was awesome!

4 out of 5
Date of Trip: December 2, 2012

There is currently an unavoidable pool (just past the jammed log) that is 2 1/2 feet deep. All anchors are in good shape.

4 out of 5
Date of Trip: October 22, 2011

Parking & walking through private property at Pritchett Canyon - owners were out collecting. Expect to pay. Directions were easy to follow. If you do the rappel that takes you under Pool Arch, there was a knee deep pool to wade through. In next section of canyon, there was one more shallow pool (ankle deep) immediately followed by a waist deep short pool that you lower yourself into off a jammed log. After that, small amounts of water in a few other spots were avoidable. 3 very nice rappels altogether. Took 5 hours of which half hour was spent enjoying the view at the arch & eating a lunch.