Undercover Canyon (aka "Lost and Found")

Last Candition: March 9, 2017


4 out of 5
Date of Trip: March 9, 2017

This was a dry, fun, short canyon with a nice little stemming section and pretty arches. I wish we could have done the long shuttle exit--the formations are beautiful on the hike and it's safe.

NOTE: To approach the canyon, face the kiosk, walk through the entry in the fence and turn RIGHT immediately. The beta was confusing and we wasted time following roads along various fences.

WARNING: the shortcut exit up the slickrock mountain is TERRIFYINGly high, sandy, angled, exposed and dangerous. One person (a climber) packed climbing shoes and still had no faith she wouldn't balance wrong and cheese grate over 100 ft. down. In rain or wind this would be a nightmare.

Go to the end of this post for a photo of the exit that gives you an idea but still doesn't do it justice: http://www.mobius.photography/2017/03/29/getting-lost-at-lost-and-found-canyon/