How Candition works

All canyons are organized into an area. A user may post a new candition by selecting the "new candition" link. A user cannot post a candition to the same canyon twice within a 12 hour window. This prevents discussions.

How Ratings work

Candition Rating

A user can rate the conditions of a canyon from 1 to 5. One being terrible and five being perfect.

Ratings take the last 5 condition’s to a canyon and averages them out, if the last candition was more than 2 weeks old then the rating gets demoted to an "outdated" status that is marked by the color grey.

Status and Date of Trip

The status of each canyon should include a quick description of what the conditions were like. Was there water? Was it cold? Should you take a wetsuit?

Date of trip is to ensure accuracy for each candition. Some go on trips for weekends, or weeks at a time. The date of trip is just asking on what day you went through the canyon.